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Thanks so much for the thorough analysis of my concerns. No, I don’t think you are trying to be funny, but I will say the house looks like a mini castle inside, so a moat outside would be in keeping. Seriously though, the water management is something we have to consider carefully. We will be talking to Lynnell probably today about this and whether to pursue the gas permit issue…

— L

Hi Myles,
Thanks again, it was very informative. We feel much better about the purchase and moving forward from here.

— M.S.

Thank you again for taking your time in doing the inspection today and taking your time in explaining the few issues you uncovered. We appreciate your assistance.

— M

We appreciate your help.

— L & P

Thank you very much for the report. Appreciate receiving it so quickly.

— B

We are grateful and needless to say we have some challenges ahead.

— M

Hi Myles, Thank you for your good work.

— Don

Thanks so much for spending the time to go over the details in the house today. As first-time home buyers we greatly appreciate your attention to detail, and walking us through any potential problems.

We are in the process of confirming that there is no other previously buried oil tank, and are hoping to have a scope of the drains tomorrow. The info from our agent (by way of his friend at Mr Rooter) is that the amount of water you found “sounds normal for a flat surface on an older home”. Not sure if you are able to comment on this.

What does sound in our favour is that (we are told) the lines should be cleaned every 5-7 years, and the sellers indicate that they’ve never snaked the drains.
Pending above details, I think we will go ahead with the purchase of the home, as it seems there are no major issues you have uncovered that can not be relatively easily remedied / dealt with by proper upkeep. Of course we look forward to your detailed report. Thanks again

— L, L and L

Hi Myles
Wanted to let you know that we did not proceed with the purchase of 1…. St D….. pl. The presence of vermiculite, asbestos tape and poly b that your inspection revealed, along with the buried (albeit remediated) oil tank were significant issues for us. The sellers were unwilling to agree to a lower the purchase price to offset removal, alas, but must now disclose the hazardous materials to potential buyers and agents. Best,

— M